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Season Two

After an exciting first season, Steph and Erin are excited to announce a second season of Femmes Macabres. 


In Season 2, the duo will be covering all sorts of mysterious, odd and, of course, macabre topics.  From 18th century hoaxes to famous Hollywood deaths — they're doing it all!

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What do our listeners think?

A perfect mix of history, creepy facts, and humour. I love listening to Femmes Macabres!  If you like “Lore” and “Death in the Afternoon”, you’ll love this podcast!


What a genuinely well done podcast!  Clever, interesting, and put together in a beautiful way.  I love when people take their time to expand on the macabre, and Erin and Steph are doing it really well. [...] Totally recommending it to those who have an affinity for the weird side of the world.


I've been listening to the podcast from the beginning and am thoroughly enjoying it!  The broad-ranging topics and deep dive into areas of history and contributions of, the often excluded, female-identifying people in the world, brings to light their stories and a new perspective to contemplate, outside of my own.



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