Femmes Macabres

Steph and Erin first "met" while working remotely on Erin's manuscript of The Sorceress Who Left Too Soon for Coven Editions in early 2019.  Although they're both Canadian, they finally met in person later that year after Erin moved to Ireland and Steph moved to England. 


When their first in-person meetings involved cocktail roulette and poison gardens, Steph and Erin quickly began describing themselves as twin flames.  They  both realised they shared so many of the same strange interests, including, but not limited to, every single topic covered (and to be covered) on Femmes Macabres.

Steph, with the itch to start a new passion project in early 2020, pitched the idea of starting a history/folklore/crime podcast to Erin, who immediately jumped on board.

The rest, as they say, is history.




Writer | Editor | Host

Stephanie Meloche is a primary teacher in the UK and is the co-editor of Canadian literary small press, Coven Editions.

As a Pisces, she is always feeling a lot of feelings and is usually day-dreaming about faraway places. 

Steph is a soft, yet spooky witch with a passion for unsolved mysteries and communing with ghosts. 



Writer | Editor | Host

Erin Emily Ann Vance is a writer who studies folklore at University College Dublin.


Her claim to fame is talking to ghosts as a toddler and naming her female cat after Norman Bates at 3 years old.


Erin might be blonde and bubbly, but she probably knows more about cults and taxidermy than you.